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Our Founder

about us Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Arjun Deshpande, is the Youngest Entrepreneur across the globe. He started the company at the tender age of 16 when he came across a real burning problem of expensive medicines faced by the consumer. In no way is this industry an easy playground for a beginner, yet a 16-year-old, Arjun Deshpande ventured into this unknown territory and disrupted the traditional pharma industry for benefit of every Indian. He has already touched the lives of millions of Indian youths and inspired them to think out of the box and dream big. He is the motivation not only for the aspiring entrepreneurs of the country but also for all youngsters. After recognizing his noble contribution to the country, he was invited to various International and national Platforms such as IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, CPhI, MSM, DPU, Blackbook Germany, and many more. He has been invited to the TEDx 5 times. He provides youth a sense of larger purpose. He has been titled with uncountable Awards.

He is not only serving affordable quality medicines but also aims to employ on a very large scale. This magnanimous achiever is giving job opportunities in his organization to aspiring students. He is not climbing alone on this ladder of success but holding the hands of these youngsters and directing them towards a unifying vision.

Seeing his vision and determination, Honorable Mr. Ratan Tata Sir has joined hands with him in this noble journey to make quality medicines accessible and affordable to all 130 crores people of India.

About Generic Aadhaar

Generic Aadhaar is the top medical franchise in India that has brought a new ecosystem to the old decade pharma world. Changemaker Arjun Deshpande recognized the root cause in the traditional pharma industry and understood that it’s the necessity of the hour to bring revolution. Generic Aadhaar took up creative actions to solve this social problem. It has brought a revolution where none of the companies is offering life-saving high-quality medicines at the price Generic Aadhaar is giving. Our generic medical franchise provides High-Quality medicines at up to 80% discount from manufacturers to end customers directly cutting down all the costs of a middle chain such as marketing, distributor, stockist, supply chain, etc. cost.

Generic Aadhaar is giving an affordable medicine store franchise in India. We are bringing all small mom-and-pop medical stores that are losing their business in the market because of huge competition under one roof of our brand to help them. Generic Aadhaar is such a pharma business opportunity that supports your business to grow with huge profits. Generic Aadhaar is providing a medical store franchise to the stand-alone pharmacy to compete with big retail medical malls and online pharmacies.

Generic Aadhaar has more than this in a pocket. It provides user-friendly software to these small local store owners that Manage Invoicing & billing and it is built for scaling the business. On the application of Generic Aadhaar, the common man can order the medicine at the same discount and it reaches within one hour to their doorstep from a nearer shop of the location.