People had prejudices about generic medicine. However, India’s fastest growing pharma company Generic Aadhaar has taken a firm step to dispel this misconception.

India is one of the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs of generic medicines but our own people weren’t getting the benefit. They were paying high prices for these medicines.

For many years the world’s largest MNC companies have been selling drugs at exorbitant prices and people were not even aware of it. 

As such, Generic Aadhaar has come forward to curb the illicit trade in life-saving drugs and provide these High-Quality medicines at an affordable price to the people.

With the sole aim of freeing the Indian people from the clutches of the giant companies that sell the most expensive drugs, a Generic Aadhaar is in place to provide people with the basic necessities of life-saving medicines at affordable prices.

Let’s see what is the difference between Generic medicine and branded medicine and why Generic Aadhaar Medicines are the best choice over branded medicine.

Generic medicines contain the same Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient as the branded version. It has the same chemical substance as a drug that is originally protected by patent.

Both Generic and branded medicines, go through WHO – GMP approval to show the medicines are safe to consume and effective. Generic medicines are certified for their quality, strength, purity, and potency to show effectiveness.

All Brands and Generics have the same dose and route of administration.

Brands and generics don’t look exactly the same in terms of color, size, shape, packaging but they work exactly the same.

Generic Aadhaar medicines cost a lot less than brand names. Generic Medicines are more affordable because manufacturers do not include promotional & marketing costs like branded ones. This makes Generic medicines an excellent alternative for a common man to save money because of expensive healthcare costs.

A generic drug used for diabetes, is glimepiride. Generic Aadhaar gives an 80% discount compared to branded medicines saving people’s hard-earned money.

Get the generic medicines of your drug from a nearby Generic Aadhaar Medical store available and save your precious life as well as money. Generic Aadhaar’s service is at the tip of your finger. Order Generic medicines online application where consumers can order medicines and it reaches within 2 hours from nearby Generic Aadhaar’s franchise store at your doorstep.